STUNNING™️ THERAPY is so new that we receive a lot of questions.

"WHAT ELSE?" will help you find some answers



Question: What is IT? Is it exercises? Is it discussion? Or healing? Or massage?


Answer: STUNNING™️ THERAPY is a one to one session. The "stunner" go with your body into  its own natural movements to release tensions and pain and have a whole natural body realignment. 


Question: Is it like osteopathy?


Answer: It is different. Osteopathy is an alternative medical practice for treatment of medical disorders through the physical manipulation and massage of the bones, joints and muscles.

STUNNING™️ THERAPY is more of a fasciatherapy in addition to energetic. With the informations he receives, the stunner follows his protocol in a very precise way, tuning energetically to the person's natural movements. 


Question: Why would I choose STUNNING™️ THERAPY rather than another Therapy?


Answer: You can trust this method not because it's new but because it was created by Vuk Magnus, one of the Best european physiotherapist, fasciatherapist, energetician. He succeeded in summerizing all his knowledge in this amazing protocol!


We would also return your question: What if you would engage in the STUNNING™️ THERAPY and what if you would feel your very best as ever!


Question: How many sessions do I need to'do to feel my very best as ever?


Answer: If you have a very recent issue, it can be solved in one session. Then you can choose to have other sessions for prevention or for well-being upkeep. You will decide together with the Stunner what's the best for you.

If you have older issues, it is often recommanded to do a serie of 4. You decide with the Stunner the pace of these sessions.


Question: We also asked this question to these persons after a STUNNING™️ THERAPY session: What is it about?



- Tom from Santa Barbara said: "It is a very subtle way of telling your body where to be for its best Well-being."

- Carol from Ojai said: "The organs' mobilization re-connects the body to its own knowing."





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