STUNNING™️ THERAPY is so new that we receive a lot of questions.

"WHAT ELSE?" will help you find some answers



Question: What is IT? Is it exercises? Is it discussion? Or healing? Or massage?


Answer: STUNNING™️ THERAPY is a one to one session. The "stunner" go with your body into  its own natural movements to release tensions and pain and have a whole natural body realignment. 


Question: Is it like osteopathy?


Answer: It is different. Osteopathy is an alternative medical practice for treatment of medical disorders through the physical manipulation and massage of the bones, joints and muscles.

STUNNING™️ THERAPY is more of a fasciatherapy in addition to energetic. With the informations he receives, the stunner follows his protocol in a very precise way, tuning energetically to the person's natural movements. 


Question: How many sessions do I need to'do to feel my very best as ever?


Answer: If you have a very recent issue, maybe you will have a result at the first session. Then you can choose to have other sessions for prevention or for well-being upkeep. You will decide together with the Stunner what's the best for you.

If you have older issues, it is often recommanded to do a serie of 4. You decide with the Stunner the pace of these sessions.


Question: We also asked this question to these persons after a STUNNING™️ THERAPY session: What is it about?



- Tom from Santa Barbara said: "It is a very subtle way of telling your body where to be for its best Well-being."

- Carol from Ojai said: "The organs' mobilization re-connects the body to its own knowing."