"I have no more pain in my hip and I walk like a butterfly" "I did not stop to go to the toilet and obviously my stomach is flat "," This method is INCREDIBLE! I have been seeing all the possible specialists for years and there, in one hour of time I see the results! "

Sonia P. Paris, France


"After my hip surgery 2 years ago, I could not walk without limping. After the session, I felt muscles that didn't worked for a long time. A week after my stunning session, at age 60, I started running again."

John S. Santa Barbara, USA


"In my first stunning session, I felt an opening and a large space in the stomach. My breathing was expanding. For a week now, I have beautiful colors on my face, my dark under eyes circles have disappeared and oh surprise: I see better!"

Stacey R. Los Angeles, USA


"After years of a shoulder and back pain due to poorly treated tendinitis and despite numerous sessions of various therapies without having complete or lasting results, I discovered Stunning™ Therapy: from the 1st session onwards, I felt a release of my breathing and of the tensions of my back and shoulder. During the days that followed, I felt that it kept moving in my body and now I have no more pain."

Sébastien, Nîmes, France


My son had a bad back posture and as I noticed the immediate benefits of Stunning™ Therapy, I set up a session for him. At the end of the session I noticed that he stood naturally straighter. He was  smiling and told me that he was ready to do it again because it was "too good".

Christine B. Montpellier, France

"It's the first time in my life that I feel so grounded. I am usually very much "up there" and with Stunning™️ Therapy, I feel in my body."

Mayanna, Maui, Hawaï